Don’t make getting a Father’s Day gift harder than it really is. Your Dad only cares about you giving him one thing.


  • It’s your greatest asset.
  • It’s sabotaged every single day by unimportant things.
  • It’s always there when you need it and then gone in the end.


Give your Dad the gift of your time.

Your INTENTIONAL time is all he really cares about. It is the greatest gift you can give him. He has less of it with you now than he used to. 

It’s something I wish I still had the opportunity to give to my Dad.

 The good news for you is that you can create intentional time two different ways.


Two Ways To Give Your Intentional Time:

1) Direct: Physically In The Presence Of One Another

This can be the best type of quality time with your Dad.


  • Laughing together and reminiscing on old stories.
  • Experiencing something new with your Dad by your side.
  • Doing his favorite thing and acting like you enjoy it just for him ;).


I’ve discovered one major challenge with this type of “quality time”. You can’t control how “in the moment” the other person is. We live in a distraction filled world and it is easy for others to get sucked “out of the moment”.

Your Dad can't help himself. Scrolling through InstaFace is really cool and entertaining.

Result: Intentional time you wanted to spend is compromised and wasted by those distractions.


2) Indirect: Intentional Time Thinking About Your Dad

It’s really simple. When we give a relationship intentional time, our love and appreciation grows for that person. Our relationship is enhanced because of the time we spend thinking about them.

 We rarely think of this as an option. We hardly give ourselves the margin to let it be an option.

 Ask yourself these questions:


  •  When is the last time you thought about the things your Dad did for you growing up?
  •  What did he teach you that you have forgotten to thank him for?
  •  How many times has he been there for you when life got hard?
  •  What character traits do you admire about him?
  •  What are you excited about for him?


 I’d bet you $1.27 that the time you spent answering these questions, would provide more intentionality than time spent together while you and him were snapfacing your friends. 


Be Intentional:

Both direct and indirect time spent together can be transformative in the connection you feel with your Dad. I beg you this year to be intentional with the time you have. The clock is literally ticking as you read these words.

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 Most importantly, the intentional words in the book live on as reminders to your Dad. 

Give you Dad the gift of your intentional time. Buy a MeaningFull Book and spend 60-90 minutes of the most quality time you could ever give him.