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Quick story about our guest:

It was a cold autumn night. I was standing in my favorite spot near the north goalpost. It was my third year as a sports radio broadcaster for Saluki Football.

On this night, things just weren't going well for SIU. They were down three to four touchdowns and had just turned the ball over to the opposing team. It was late in the game and many of the fans were heading for the parking lot.

We cut to a commercial break and I remember hearing these words over my headset,

"Be better than the game. Be better than the game, Reis."

The words pierced through my headset. They were spoken by the voice of the Salukis, Mr. Mike Reis. He is our guest this week on the Creating MeaningFull Moments Podcast.

 I believe we can all learn something from this story.  

1) Current circumstances or results shouldn't change your approach. If you are a mom and your child has disobeyed you six times in a row. Stay the course. Don't give up. Be better than the current situation. 

2) The standard you set for yourself matters. If you've always been fine with average... you'll only accept average as your standard. If you are fifteen minutes late to work because everyone else is, that becomes your standard. Set a higher bar for yourself and you'll avoid drifting. 

3) Mindset redirects are important. Cling to reminders that refocus you during tough times. Imagine what could have happened if Mike wouldn't have declared that reminder in that moment. He could have checked out of the broadcast and called it a night. The statement was essentially his North Star and I would encourage you to find yours. 

I'm so excited for you and Saluki fans across the country to hear this conversation with Mike. Here are some other things you will learn:

-The moment he realized he wanted to be a broadcaster. 

-What he was like growing up. 

-The key ingredients to a great interview. 

-The most challenging interviews he ever had to do. 

-Why he broadcast a game the way he does.

-How coaches helped him ask better questions.

-What he appreciates about Saluki fans. 

-How he wants to be remembered.

And so much more. 

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