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About a year ago this man offered me a coaching job. He almost convinced me to move to Minneapolis, Minnesota and join him and my great friend Mike McElroy on their staff at Bethel University. 

For Megan and I, moving 10 hours away from family was not something we had ever considered. Pile on the fact that it reallllllly cold up there. All Megan and I had ever know was Southern Illinois but we still went to see if this was the next chapter in our life. 

Coach Johnson made it a really hard decision. He's the type of man that leaves an imprint on your heart when you encounter him. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and isn't shy about the amount of times he might cry in any given conversation.

He has transformed thousands of lives with intention as the head football coach at Bethel University for over 25 years. The fruit of his works is felt by many.  

Bottom line. We need more men like Coach J. Enjoy this episode and share it with someone who might find it valuable or be encouraged by it. 

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