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On April 14th, 2018 Theodore Sambursky had his first birthday.

Here is an excerpt from a post his father wrote for his birthday. 

"The last twelve months has shown that we serve a God of miracles, a real savior who reached down and protected you. That despite really hard things happening to you, with circumstances occurring that even with my greatest efforts I won’t be able to explain or understand, you are still here.

Your life may have been altered, and it may be harder than some, it still could be easier than others. Yet your divine purpose remains unchanged.

These last 365 days has shown that through God’s grace you are up for the challenge. God will give you the strength to stand tall when tested. To fight rather than flee. To gut it out and not quit. Your hearing may be faint, but with God your spirit is loud.

Your toughness is ingrained in your DNA. It’s who God created you to be, in his own image. No one has had to teach it to you and yet it inspires others.

Happy first birthday son."

It's hard to put into words the roller coaster this family has endured. Back in November I sat down and recorded this conversation with Samantha Sambursky.

Her vulnerable story impacted the lives of hundreds. People she has never met listened to her story and found themselves sobbing in their car.

Realizing they are not alone. 

Realizing life can be really, really, really hard. 

Realizing that there are people out there like Sam who are finding ways to stay courageous and resilient. 

As we highlight moms this Mother's Day season I had to replay this life altering conversation with Mrs. Samantha Sambursky.

If you think of a mom who needs to hear this message please share it with her. Go out there and be intentional today.