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Imagine moving over 2,000 miles away from home with only a weeks notice. Now, imagine these other things…


You are the income provider for you family and you won’t be able to work while you are gone.  

You have never been to the area you are moving to.

You know you will be there for at least a month, but it could be longer.  

Your four month old daughter will undergo a major heart operation.


This is exactly what our guest this week is having to do. As we release this episode on (6/11/18) Seth and his family are spending their first full day in Palo Alto, California. Later this week their sweet daughter will have an extensive heart surgery that can only be done at Stanford Children's Health Center.


What emotions would you be feeling? How do you think you would be acting?


I’m not exactly sure how you would respond but this is what I know about out guest.


He was seemingly unphased. Almost grateful. He was unwavering in strength and continued to lead is family well.


This interview happened before Seth found out he would be moving his family across the country. You will be more than inspired by the way he has led his family through the uncertain times. His perspective will change yours.