When I thought about how I wanted to celebrate 30 awesome years of life I struggled to land on something that felt right. 


We talked about renting a beach house in Charleston, SC. I actually cancelled the initial planning we were doing for this trip. Finances didn't weren't where they needed to be and it just didn't feel right.


 We talked about going to a resort and relaxing.


And then two things happened. My pastor gave a sermon and my buddy Mike told me about his trip to the Grand Canyon. :)


The sermon focused on how every dollar we allocate toward travel should be some type of investment. An investment in our marriage and/or relationships. An investment in our health. An investment into our faith and relationship with Christ. 


Days later my buddy told me about the awe inspiring experience that is the Grand Canyon. One of the most magnificent natural wonders on the planet. He said, "It was surreal. I just wanted to go in it."


At that moment I decided that was what I wanted to do. I still was not sure if we could swing the trip but I voiced the desire to Sweet Megan. A couple days later she surprised me and told me she booked the trip. 


It was at that point I did a little more research and decided I wanted execute a rim to river hike on my birthday. Because why wouldn't you do that on you 30th birthday?


It's around 19 total miles and the elevation from rim to river for this trail is around 5,000 feet. Megan and I did several hours of research and ultimately I left the decision up to her. 


She said, "Let's do it. I want to go to the river."


And so we are going to the river. We should reach it by 10AM CST.


The neat thing...God calls us to be bold. I really don't believe he wants us to stay comfortable. My suspicion (I could be totally wrong) is we will complete this hike and feel so glad we did it. We will be overwhelmed with joy that we decided to take on this challenge together. 


Even better... our marriage will be stronger. Our minds will be incredibly energized by the feat we accomplished. I also have to think that the vast wonder of the canyon will bring us a whole lot closer to its creator. ;)


I could be wrong... but I'm confident this is a good way to spend my birthday.