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Have you ever felt the tension of your work or business pulling you away from your top priorities?

Our guest today loves his job. He's addicted to the work he gets to do. He used to seriously enjoy working 15 hour days. 

Then things changed...

He met his wife and started a family. The battle for his attention and focus was ONNNN! 

Chris Duckworth is the owner of Duck Works Lawn Care. He loved his work long before he loved his wife and kids. Some difficult conversations and experiences helped him change the way he approached his work and business. 

His advice will help you refocus on what truly matters most in your life. 

You will also learn:

-How he started a business when he was 12 years old. 

-How to be a better husband. 

-When he realized things had to change. 

-How his business grew when he was trying to turn business away.

-What gives his life meaning.

-Who inspired him to take his kids to school every single day. 

-And so much more!

I'm so grateful for Chris. His heart for his family and for Christ. 

Get the video at www.maketodaymeaningful.com

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Go out there and be intentional!