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Are these words you embody?

Our guest today might give you the perspective you need to help you develop them. 

I don't think she would have made it without these traits. She served as a motherly figure to over 600 young men during her time as an office administrator for a division I football team. 

She initially thought she was taking a job where she would answer phones and coordinate team meals. She quickly found out the role called for so much more. 

Football is not nurturing. College separates young men from the parental figures that raised them and held them accountable. It didn't take Sharon long to realize she was more than just an office administrator. 

She had become a motherly figure.

Listen to this MeaningFull Mothers conversation to learn:

-How Sharon got into college athletics. 

-What happened when a player was in a fatal car accident. 

-How she handled gender discrimination. 

-When she started caring about the result of the games. 

-How she held young men accountable. 

-A story about an NFL linebacker who called her and needed her help booking flights. 

-And so much more. 

Enjoy it, share it, and go be intentional today. 

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