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Think about those people in your life that always make you smile. You are about to meet another one :). 

Our guest has this incredible personality. She's bubbly with a hint of honesty. The type of honesty that lets her say whats on her mind. It immediately makes you feel comfortable and let's you know that you can trust her. 

Lauren Craig is the owner of Eccentrics Boutique in Carterville, Illinois. She has this super power that makes others feel comfortable, happy, confident, gorgeous, courageous, fearless, and so much more. 

During this conversation we breakdown that super power and get to hear some of the real struggles Lauren has gone through to keep delivering those smiles for her customers. 

You will also learn: 

-How she found her niche. 

-The worst job she ever had. 

-How she overcomes anxiety.

-The most rewarding part of her business. 

-What she did when her business was threatening her marriage and family.

-How she wants to be remembered and so much more. 

This episode will give you the perspective you need to go create more defining moments with the people you love most. Go out there and be intentional!

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