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Being the CEO of one of the leading real-estate development companies (Aerial) in Nashville, Tennessee wasn't going to stop her. She packed her bags and headed straight toward the British Virgin Islands to offer her support. 

Britnie Turner is our guest for episode #28 of the Creating MeaningFull Moments Podcast. She inspires through action.

She is always moving toward a noteworthy cause and has built her company on the foundation of excellence and impact. She attempts to "walk in purpose every single day".

Here is what you will learn from this conversation.

-What she was like growing up. 

-How your hard work in the dark can pay off. 

-Why she took a risk and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. 

-How to overcome rejection and distractions. 

-What she had to overcome to sell her first home. 

-About her friendship with Sir Richard Branson

-And how she tries to create more meaningful moments in her life. 

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Visit Aerial Produced to follow the BVI journey back to recovery. 

Go out there and create more defining moments today!.