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He speaks to leaders in schools and athletics

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Speaking Topics

Your Game Plan For Designing Better Relationships

Keys To Overcoming Adversity In Life

Creating A Compassionate Culture

How Gratitude Can Change Your Life & Reignite Your Relationships

Other Topics and Team Building Exercises

I've Delivered Over 50 Carefully Crafted Messages

When I show up to speak I will deliver value to the audience. They will leave with something they didn't have before they came. Ultimately, I'll make you look like a champion for bringing me in. 

As I continue to grow the MeaningFull Books brand I have to place a value on the time it takes to deliver on the promises mentioned above. An average of 6 hours of preparation goes into every 45 minute talk I give. 

I'd be honored to come and speak with your group. Please fill out your information below and answer these questions:

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